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WordPress Training / Consultancy

Most of today’s websites have a Content Management System (CMS) which allows the user to easily add and remove content from their website, including images, text and products. One of the most popular of these CMS is WordPress.

At Exell Web Design all our sites are built with WordPress and a part of our service is to provide a little bit of training to our clients son they are able to maintain their site themeselves, if they wish to do so.

For those people who already have a WordPress site or would like some help in using WordPress we offer a consultancy service where we can guide you through the basics of updating existing content, adding or changing images on the website, adding and updating plugins or even how to run your own online shop!

Some people can be a bit daunted at first but with a little bit of help and assistance, we’ll have you running your own website with confidence.

Training / Consultancy


Search Engine Optimisation or (SEO) is basically the art of setting up your website so that it ranks well on Google. There is little point of having the best website in the world if no one can find it!

SEO is a specialist servicem but we’ll show you how to get great results without having to pay a huge amounts of money to an SEO company.

There are two aspects to SEO, onsite optimisation and offsite optimistion. We will show you how to do the onsite optimisation yourself, which in some cases, is all you need in order to rank well on Google. We’ll explain the importance of your website content and give you tips on how to improve it, we’ll also explain about titles page descriptions so that can target your productys and services the right way.

Our Fees

We charge just £35 for an online consultation via Zoom or telephone and £50 per hour for a home or workplace visit.

Please feel free to call and discuss what you’d like help with and we can then help you get the most out of your consultation.

We look forward top hearing from you!

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